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1.Corrugated sheet Board
   We produce Single and Double wall with flute E, B, C, UPS, MPS Corrugating Sheet Board for making corrugating box or sheet board served all kinds of industry product

2.Regular Slotted Containers(RSC)
Regular Slotted Container (RSC) is one types of box called RSC produced by using corrugated sheet board which is passed scorer in order to fold into cover and bottom shape. Then, take it to the printing machine to do the slotter. We have both glue and wiring types of RSC. This type of box is widely used for all packages and the price is not rather high
3. Telescope Containers
    Telescope Container is one types of S&D Product which consists of two pieces: 1 for box and 1 for the cover. This is commonly used for containing the agricultural product and printing paper
4. Die Cut Box (Designed Style Container)
   Die Cut Box (Designed Style Container) is a box which is designed from a mold and press on corrugated sheet. It can be various designed according to the purpose of usage
5. Tray
    Tray is a four-wall design. We can use both glue and wiring in order to form its shape. It is commonly used for packing beverage products with has to be used with plastic shrink wrap cover the tray.
6. Wrap Around
     Wrap Around is a type of box which has the cover beside. The length of the box is much longer than the width. This type of box is commonly used for automatic packing product
7. Partition
     Partition is a part of box for making the box stronger so that the goods inside will be protected and will not damage from crashing with others.
         Corrugated Sheet and Boxes Manufacturer

             Corrugated Sheet and boxes are very popular for making packages because of its useful qualification for packing food and all kinds of product. It can be various designed according to customerís specification. The manufacture should learn more about the material, size, design etc. which will help to reduce the production cost and worthwhile for our economic
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