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S&D Industries Co., LTD
S&D Industries Co.,LTD.

56, Soi Bangkradi16,  Samaedum, Bangkhunthian, Bangkok 10150   Tel (662) 452-1291,(662) 452-1705-6,(662)452-1661 
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          S&D Industries Co., LTD is an all-in-one packaging manufacturer who product corrugated sheet and boxes in Thailand. Kraft from Elite is partly distributed to S&D Industries Co. LTD.for the production of premium quality cartons by computerized designing and printing systems in order to response customer various specification. Moreover, the company also manufactures RSC (Regular Slotted Container) and DIE-CUT. The companyís Flexo and Water Based Printing System which are environmental friendly make the cartons bright, beautiful, well-shaped and non- flattened. Furthermore, the company has stepped ahead the countyís packaging industry with manufacture of special product, UPS (Uni Power System) and MPS (Multi Power System) which product by using special glue to bond two paper together in one of the flutes. The double flute corrugated cartonís stronger and able to stacking more level compare with normal carton and it can save for storage.
Quality: Heart of manufacturing    

          The company is very well aware that packaging product are important and valuable for all kind of industries. Therefore, the company is very meticulous with all steps in manufacturing, staring from the selecting of quality materials, high technology machines, and highly skilled and attentive staff. Moreover, S&D Industries Co., LTD also gives an importance to R&D in order to develop the quality products. All products are thoroughly examined in laboratory before delivered to customers so that customer can be assured that products of S&D Industries Co., LTD. are high in quality and services, and are able to fulfill their needs.
Friendly ServiceÖ.just like your friend  
          The company realizes that customerís business and industry is very important so we have highly skilled staff on hand to provide consultation in selecting suitable package in order to reduce customerís costs. We also provide the computerized designing services for an accuracy ready to be examined before manufactured. Our customers can be assured that your products are quality and service.
         Corrugated Sheet and Boxes Manufacturer

             Corrugated Sheet and boxes are very popular for making packages because of its useful qualification for packing food and all kinds of product. It can be various designed according to customerís specification. The manufacture should learn more about the material, size, design etc. which will help to reduce the production cost and worthwhile for our economic
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